Goi Ngay


Connection bolt is a type of bolt that has the function of linking details together, used to assemble details into a block system – truss frame, the main load-bearing force in these connections is not the shear force. but is the axial force. Connecting bolts are used mainly in static structures, the fixed machine parts are less subject to dynamic loads. When it is necessary to modify, this type of bolt connection can be disassembled. working, purpose of use and environment of use.

Construction of scaffolding frames, load-bearing steel structure frames, …
Railway Works
Construction of railway tracks, the axis of the train running,…
Marine works
Construction of drilling rigs, support rigs…
Mechanical Engineering
For machine details of the day cars, motorbikes
Production process
The price of the link bolt is also based on the production process. Normally, a quality bolt will go through the following 6 basic steps:
Material Surface Treatment
After putting the steel in the furnace for 30 hours, the steel will be treated with sulfuric acid to clean the surface and cover with a layer of phosphate. The end of step 1 is to put the steel into the connecting bolt forming machine..
In order to increase bearing capacity, the bolt products after finishing thread rolling will be put into a furnace at a temperature of 800 – 10000C to change the steel structure. To determine the strength of the connecting bolt, the force is measured and the fracture is tested. Products that do not meet the standards will be removed from the production line
Shaping Bulong
Raw steel, after being surface-treated and cut into equal lengths according to available standards, will be put into the mold.
Bolt Plating
Depending on the requirements of each batch and the intended use of each product, the process of processing the link bolts will be treated differently. The product lines that are exposed to harsh environments are usually made of stainless steel or plated with anti-rust alloy.
Lace Handle
Depending on the type of link bolt ordered, hot or cold thread rolling is used.
Packaging products
Different production lines and factories will have different standards. On the box and packaging of the product will write the necessary parameters for consumers to choose.