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Anchor bolts or foundation bolts are an important detail used to fix structures, especially steel structures, firmly attached to cement. It is widely used in construction of electrical systems, substations, factory systems, factories, structural steel buildings. There are many types of anchor bolts, including designs that are mostly exclusive to manufacturing companies. All include a threaded end, to which screws and washers can be mounted for external loads. Anchor bolts are widely used on all types of projects, from standard buildings to dams and nuclear power plants. They can also be used to fasten panels to a concrete foundation when used with a structural steel element.


– Used in the construction of factories and industrial buildings: The foundation anchor bolt is used to catch the base of the base of the pre-engineered steel building column, also known as the workshop, it is an important part to help create rigidity for the entire system. factory roof.
– Used to hold the foot or base of the machine: When installing machinery systems in the factory, people often use foundation anchor bolts to anchor the tripod fixed to the foundation to reduce vibration and avoid causing errors for the machine. hook during work.
– Used in construction of electric poles and light poles: foundation bolts used in construction of electric pole systems are usually outdoors, so the thread must be protected by hot-dip galvanizing to ensure bolts are not rusted. or corrosion due to acid in rain water, the bolt head is protected by adding a cap nut. After a period of time, the cap nut may rust, but the bolt and thread are still protected safely, we just need to replace the cap nut.
– Locating crane legs, seaport cranes or in factories: Anchor bolts help locate the legs of cranes, port cranes, anchor points of ships…


It is very difficult to take all sizes of foundation anchor bolt diameters as a standard because the characteristics of each project require different lengths, but the basic bolt diameter sizes affect the working ability of the foundation. and anchor bolts should be clearly specified at the time of manufacture. This is important when undertaking large projects that require technical records as well as having a realistic standard to judge bolt quality.

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