eliable coating that has been proven over time to protect against corrosion


What is Dacromet Plating?

Dacromet plating is a thin, water-based, non-electrolyte coating. Composed of zinc, aluminum and bonded by chromium. Usually silver gray. Invented by Metal Coating internaltional.


As mentioned, Dacromet is a coating composed of Aluminum, Zinc and a Chromium-based binder. Has a very thin thickness from 4µm -> 8µm, which helps not to change the product size. Dacromet covers and adheres firmly to small details such as threads, pipes, springs… very suitable for the bonding industry.

Cấu Trúc Lớp Mạ Dacromet
Dacromet Coating Structure


Coefficient of Friction (ISO 16047):

  • DACROMET ® 320 + PLUS ® or DACROLUB ® top coating
    → µ from 0.06 to 0.19
  • DACROMET ® 500 → µ = 0,15 ± 0,03 no coating


Nature Data
Colour Silver white (silver gray)
Paint Method Spray or Dip Rotary
pH 3,8 – 5,2
Cr6+ ≥25g / L
Specific Weight 1,33 ± 0,05 (spray) 1,33 ± 0,05
(rotary dipping coating)
Viscosity According to operational needs
Operating Temperature 20 ± 2 ℃

Weight – Salt spray test

Coating Coating weight Salt spray test (ISO 9227)
Dacromet Type A > 24g/m² > 240 hours without white rust
> 600 hours without red rust
Dacromet Type B > 36g/m² > 240 hours without white rust
> 1000 hours without red rust



  • High adhesion to metal and other coatings and paints
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Heat resistant up to 300C, weather resistant
  • Not brittle, hydrogen permeable (due to not using acid)
  • Excellent assembly and multi-tightenability (with lubricated topcoat)
  • Good resistance to mechanical damage (test method D24 1312, USCAR 32) and chemical resistance (testing VDA 621-412)
  • Conductive for most process applications
  • Competitive application costs

Application of Dacromet coating

With its dominant thin-film structure, here are some applications of Dacromet plating:

  • Industry: Surface coating of all kinds of connection bolts, anchor bolts for bridges and roads, steel buildings… Also used in coating the surface of automobile and motorcycle assembly details.
  • Communication industry: Household appliances, electronic products, communication equipment and other high-end products and some need to be placed outdoors, so the quality of the products is higher, using the method electro galvanized, low quality and unsatisfactory.
  • Transport facility industry: Subways and tunnels in underground, wet, poorly ventilated environments; Bridges, viaducts and port machinery are all left out in the sun and rain, easy to rust and soon corrosion will occur, greatly reducing the safety factor.
  • Power supply transmission and distribution: High voltage transmission and distribution, in addition to city power supply, power supply, outdoor open-ceiling conductors, not only suffers from sun and rain, but also suffers from the impact of environmental pollution. school, the task of maintenance is very heavy. Tower and pole high voltage transmission lines of swingarms, support clamps, elbows, bolts, steel caps, transformer oil tanks and pins are used if Dacromet technology is used, despite the initial cost. Large one-time investment, but beautiful and durable, once and for all, saving huge amount of annual maintenance cost


The operation process at Alpha Fastener fully meets the requirements of protecting the environment and maintaining the health of employees!

Tổng kết

Dacromet plating still has its disadvantages .

Dacromet vẫn được cho là lớp mạ gây hại cho mội trường (đã được châu âu và Mĩ loại bỏ năm 2016) và chỉ có một màu là trắng bạc khi so với các lớp mạ khác như PTFE hiện nay. Tuy nhiên lớp mạ này vẫn được coi là lớp “mạ xanh” khi so với mạ kẽm điện phân, nhúng nóng.

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